Home renovations blog: How to create a masterful outdoor living space

By the resi financial blog team, 15 April 2015

Home renovations blog: How to create a masterful outdoor living space

Australia's temperate climate creates the perfect environment for outdoor living. Enjoying a balmy evening on the deck or terrace in the height of summer is a popular feature amongst buyers, so investing the time and money into this area of your home could get you some great returns when the time comes to sell. It might seem counterproductive, but getting your property ready for the warmer months ahead in the cooler period can be a great option - especially if you're planning on a summer sale. 

Here are some tips for creating an attractive outdoor living space. 

Temperature control

Whether in blazing heat or cold winter nights, outdoor living spaces should be adaptable for all changes in the weather. Ensure you provide enough shade and protection to make it a pleasant area to enjoy when it's warm outside, while being able to capture the sun's warm rays when the temperature drops. A shade cloth can be a good option in this case, as you have the choice to string it up or take it down, depending on your needs. 

Water features can be a useful way to bring freshness and interest to an outdoor area, while providing some relief from the heat. While it might not have quite the instant effect of an air conditioner, standing near trickling water with a cold drink can create the sensation of coolness. Lush green plants can replicate a tropical oasis and a trellis with crawling vines can add a boundary to your outdoor room, as well as providing privacy.

Outdoor seating

With many areas in Australia being blessed with warm temperatures throughout the year, it's likely that you or your buyers will spend a fair amount of time in the open air. It's worth thinking about how you can make it an extension of your own home - and comfortable seating can be a fantastic way to achieve this.

Built-in bench seats are an option for a wider deck space and can even double as chests for storage. These are simple to construct and matching the finish to the wood of your deck can produce a seamless result. Make sure the materials you use can withstand the outdoors. Fabrics should be quick-drying and durable, while wooden furniture should be given a protective lick of oil or sealant.

If you're inspired to construct or improve an outdoor living space, be sure to contact the loan specialists at resi about their array of renovation loan possibilities. 

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