Home renovations blog: Refresh your bedroom on a budget

By the resi financial blog team, 29 April 2015

Home renovations blog: Refresh your bedroom on a budget

The impact of a great master bedroom can sometimes be underestimated. You might think that it's just a room where you lay your head each night, but a cleverly designed area with an attractive colour scheme and interesting accents can actually add value to your home. Unlike other spaces in your property that might need a fair bit more investment, such as the kitchen or bathroom, you almost have free reign to express your creative ambitions without blowing all your money. 

With that in mind, here are some ideas for refreshing your master bedroom. 

Set the mood

Bedrooms are almost a blank canvas - you can entirely change the feel of the space with just a few key updates, particularly when it comes to paint colour. If the room is feeling tired or outdated, now is the perfect time to pull out the paint brushes and get to work giving it a new lease of life, at relatively low cost.

A fresh coat of pigment or an interesting wall covering can add visual interest and transform a bland room to the sublime. Follow the earthy, textural trend with muted greens and mineral hues to create a cosy feel in your master room. Or take another route with soft tones, such as peach or dove grey, to inspire a dreamlike quality. 


Once you've reinvigorated the room with a new palette, styling the room or changing the layout can act as a breath of fresh air. This doesn't necessarily mean purchasing a whole new set of furniture or bed dressing - you can repurpose or reuse items already in the house, leaving you more room in your budget to source inexpensive decorative accents.

A dresser or  are easily transitioned into the new interior with a simple spray of paint - and if you're a dab hand at DIY projects, you can even fashion a new bed head from recycled materials, which can provide a nice contrast against minimal colours or tie into earthy tones. Complimentary pillow coverings or sheet set can also add the final touches that tie the room together.

Updating the master bedroom doesn't need to cost a fortune. For the larger home improvement projects, get in touch with a resi loan specialist for an array of renovation loan choices. 

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