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Diversify your Investments - Global Shares

By the resi financial blog team, 11 February 2014

Investment diversification

A young, educated workforce in Singapore. Rising household income in Brazil. Export growth in China. Technology innovation in San Jose, California.
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U.S. seen on track for best growth since 2005

By the resi financial blog team, 21 January 2014

American economy grows

Think the disappointing U.S. jobs report for December has dampened the optimism of economists about the new year? Think again.

Most economists think the dismal 74,000 increase in net hiring last month was a fluke caused by poor weather and seasonal-adjustment problems that will soon be revised away or prove to be an aberration.
he way those with a sunnier view see it, the road is clear for the U.S. to produce its fastest spurt of growth since the Great Recession. There’s no big crisis in Washington brewing, U.S. households are b ...

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