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Finding an Investment Property

Investing in property can be a rewarding experience, and has proven to be a profitable investment experience for many Australians. Finding the right property is crucial, and can make a significant difference to your investment outcomes.

Here are a few things to consider when searching for your next investment property:

Location – Location plays a key factor when looking for an investment property. A property which is close to transport, education, medical and entertainment facilities is sure to grow in value.

Potential urban development – Areas where councils or developers plan to add new facilities, show signs of future development and growth within the area, which is always a good sign.

Budget – Your maximum purchase amount and ability and willingness to repay will play a large part in narrowing down your options of what areas and what type of property you can buy.

Units vs Houses - Many investors have been told different things in terms of what makes a better investment – unit/townhouses or houses. In general either can work - units tend to have a higher rental return but lower capital growth than houses. Houses also have greater flexibility to upgrade and develop than units but are relatively more expensive in the same area.

New vs Old - There is often debate about whether to buy an older or a new property. In general, newer properties are more expensive. But there should be less repairs, higher rent and higher depreciation allowances than older property.

Getting the correct loan structure in place will ensure you realise your property investment goals. Click here to view the best loan options for property investment or call 136 126 and speak with a lending specialist today!